Shaking, The Earth, Creatures


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I had a vision this morning where I was on and I saw the webpage shaking, like a shaking was going on at Amazon

Starting from Friday I saw the words "The Hour Has Come" and I saw a part of the earth in a globe and I saw like something of a similar shape to the earth, like a shadow near the earth. When I saw this I was afraid, because I didn't know what this meant.

Then last night I had a very strange dream where I saw something happened on the earth, where I was, It was like the ground all over were lifted high like tall buildings, rectangle like, not perfectly rectangle, made of earth, some parts of the earth remained flat, I saw children playing, and cars driving on the road. Then I saw big creatures were on the earth, they had a huge round face, and what looked like tentacles, they looked mechanic to me but were creatures. Then I saw something spinning like with the shape of a cylinder, black in color in outer space. I do not know what could have caused this type of event, or what it even means.

Then the dream changed and I was on a rocky earthy hill type area with people, and I saw my dead aunt and a child sitting on a boulder and it rolled over and I tried to find them but I couldn't find them.

Then the dream switched and I was in a place in Jamaica, I do not know where, and It was an area near a sea, and the people living there was involved in the occult, one of them caused my grandma to die, although it seemed unintentional, my grandma suffered, and I was praying with her, until she died. Then The occultists prophesied negative things about me, and basically I pronounced judgement on them, as I was led to do by God to do. Jesus Christ has sent people there several times to warn them, but they would not listen.
After the "Hour Has Come" vision, I was awake when I saw it, I also saw something like a meteor shower.