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I was shocked when I learned that Pennsylvania Dutch (Amish) cooking allowed sweets on the diinner menu. Then I was delighted. I bought some Pennsylvania Dutch cookbooks. Now I don't remember where or when I had my first sweet potatoes, but they became a favorite. My mother and non-adventurous eater brother came to visit. I always served sweet potatoes when I served ham. i found out that my mother doesn't care for them(not even with only butter). She doesn't even like sweet pickles! She and my aforementioned brother absolutely wouldn't eat anything sweet until they'd finished with the non-sweet part of the dinner. She was upset when she meant to buy a pumpkin pie and accidently went home with a sweet potao pie (that used to be a southern dish but now it's also sold in the north.) One time the same brother visited by himself and asked me if the canned fruit I served was pears! He actually liked them! I think he was in his fifties!

Sweet potatoes are orange in color and are slightly sweet even without marshmallows; they are not a dessert even if you add other ingredients. The only dessert I've heard of with sweet potatoes is sweet potato pie which is actually less sweet than many of the recipies served with dinner (often as a substitute for Irish potatoes.)

My mother used to make pickled beets and eggs (NO SUGAR)! I prefer the Amish Red Beets and Eggs.
Oh I enjoy sweet potatoes but with my system they are like pumpkins very tiny amount only on rare occasions. What I cannot get my head around is mixing them with marshmallows.

I heard and saw movies with s'mores in them. Decided to try and found it too sweet. But my son brought me a cookbook when he was in Texas from loveless cafe. I was making one of their cakes out of it, when we had the family coming. It has a couple of different layers. we decided to cut back on the sugar. Then after finishing I realised I forgot to put the sugar in one of the layers, we were all glad as it was sweet enough for us. I love sweets don't get me wrong but I normally cut the amount of sugar in most American recipes by 1/4 to a 1/2 of the amount.

I think your recipe book would be interesting.


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Pumpkin pie with the specific seasoning called for on the Libbys label is my FAVORITE pie! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
I have made pumpkin pie when some American friends were coming for a meal. Loved it. But had to travel half an hour to the American shop to get the ingredients.