Sin that leads to death


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I feel your pain for as myself I have been through that sadness knowing there is so much more to know from God that these exploit from religious beliefs. I had to completely walk away and cleans my own mind from the stipulations these impose and call it of God.

But the yearning in my heart is to express the same yearning Jesus had to express from the Father where I cant help but express in real time realty the power of God to cleans the mind from all unrighteousness. And this forum is perfect opportunity. Even though the rejection and mockery of the Christ within from these, it is joy in my soul to be identified with the same SPirit Jesus was persecuted of for the same reason where my identity is with him.

I havent been to one of these establishment for enterprise for twenty five years and I am quite content in knowing God is satisfied with me simply living His life. I come here as a testament for what it is to be in the Father as Jesus was in Him, and I count it joy when people in ignorance mock me because they identify me with the same those of Jesus day identified him as a blasphemer against their religious laws.

BTW I am an artist myself and would love to view your paintings.

I sent you a conversation if you can go and view it, I would love to view your paintings.

I answered your conversation. I need you to email me. It seems the only way I can send you my paintings.