Since so many of our discussions lately are about science, I thought I'd toss in some comments by three of my favorite dead people.


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There you go again. You're always "pretty sure" about stuff you're wrong about. Why in the hell would I like a quote that praises science because I think it plays it down? You make no sense.
It does show science as likely being this pixie fellas idol.

Science needs no one to defend it, they act as if they are the guardians of troo science. It just becomes a head trip for them.

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Since we have been freezing our buns off a couple of days................

Dr Christy a climate scientist decided to look at climate scientists.

We are flooded with threats of global warming.

So he pulled up the predictions of 102 scientists many years ago. Took their models and predictions and compared them with actual temps.

102 out of 102 were wrong. Very wrong. Not even close.
All 102 predicted much hotter than actual.


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... you should probably get a job, and help your Mom pay the utility bills. That way, she could afford to keep your basement apartment warm.
Climate Science has predicted DOOM to anyone who goes outside and adds to your Johnnie "Swift Boat" Kerry's large carbon footprint.