Snake Swallowing People Whole


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About 3 days ago or more Jesus Christ gave me a dream where I was in a public place in Jamaica and I saw this gigantic snake and it began grabbing people randomly swallowing them whole. People did not see the snake at first and was walking past him, they were busy looking down, but eventually they did see him and began running. I was there with my father and I was trying to get away from the snake along with my father by walking slowly, farest away from the snake as I could, because I know that snakes are sensitive to movements and have poor eyesight, so if I ran it may catch me. Then I saw this snake coming up very close to me and he had a head of a dragon, he had a black muzzle on his mouth and he was sniffing where I was, I did not move, and he did not see me, but he could smell me, so he/she was sniffing where I was, and then he decided to turn away. Later on I saw this snake waving something that look like a fish lure trying to attract people to him.