Some thoughts on the movie "Unhinged"


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If you like scary movies, this is it. The reason this movie is scary is because what happens in this movie could happen to anyone. We see it every day. People on the verge of snapping and losing it completely. No sooner is a guy kicked out of his own home than he discovers there's another man sleeping with his wife in his bed. He can't concentrate, and has an accident on the job so now he's out of work with a lot of time on his hands to think about how his life is spiraling out of control, and nobody cares. Nobody wants him around anymore.

Now he's sitting in traffic trying to remember which one of the handful of pills he's been prescribed is supposed to be taken next when some irritated witch behind him starts blaring her horn at him. He's had it, and he's going to make an example out of this woman who looks strikingly like his ex-wife who he just hacked to death with an axe along with her lover. His rage only fuels the fire that mirrors the house he just torched.

The woman who can't wait to hammer down on her horn isn't having a great day either. Her ex husband also wants his house back, and she has no place to run her hair salon which just lost its best customer. Tempers flair as each party just assumes the other must be having a better day than they are.

Suddenly it's an updated version of the movie "Duel" in an urban setting as the young mother in her Volvo station wagon is chased like a rat between buildings, and under bridges by an enraged Russel Crowe in his lifted Ford F-150. Russel Crowe's character isn't just enraged though, he's a man on a mission to eliminate anyone who dares to mistake him for "Mr. Nice Guy". He played that role to death with no luck so now he's determined to ruin everyone's day.

After being honked at so rudely, and flipped off as the young woman in the Volvo goes around him, he slowly pulls up beside her at the next light. Ever had that happen to you? You're racing for poll position at the next light only to have a car you passed five miles back slowly pull up right beside you. He points out that she could have just given him a "courtesy tap", and that would have been more than sufficient.

She's not having any of it until she discovers her cell phone missing after fueling her car. He snagged it, and is now on his way to meet her divorce attorney after listening to her messages. After introducing himself to her lawyer in a restaurant, he calls her so she can listen over the phone he left in her car as he plunges a fork into the back of his neck. The chase really begins to take off with a few large pile ups including a sheriff's officer calling for back up just as a cement mixer plows him and his patrol car into the pavement.

Mom takes her son to her mother's house and tells him to wait up in the crawl space in the attic while she drives her mother's car across the street to wait for Mr. Unhinged to show up at which point she piles into him broadside. He beats her senseless and heads into the house to snuff out her son. She gets to him just in time to stab him in the eye with a pair of scissors, but that doesn't quite stop him. The scissors are only in about halfway as he rises up to come at both of them again. She jumps up and as she kicks the scissors fully into his skull, she says, "Here's your [expletive deleted] courtesy tap".

Mother and son have a heartfelt hug, and after telling their side of the story to the police, they head home. On the way into an intersection, someone runs a red light, and she instinctively goes to hit her horn, but this time she stops short. Her son says, "Good call mom".