Something based upon Marxism (Cultural Marxism, Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory) that is creeping into U.S. society/culture.

Thoughts on White fragility. A book written by Robin DiAngelo.

White Fragility is based upon and/or from in many aspects, Marxism (Cultural Marxism, Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory). It is creeping into U.S. society/culture.

The anti bias training in federal agencies had some of this stuff in it. Talking about critical race theory and/or white privilege.

Some experience this stuff at their jobs. For those that question when I say "some". Some was myself, my coworkers, others I know, some I seen videos of them talking about it and some I've read about.

I think these ideologies and theories are a threat to the U.S. society and culture. I think some are using some people's genuine concern about discrimination and some peoples false perceptions about discrimination, to change the U.S. into what they want it to be.

I think it comes down to the elites vs the people.

When some say never let a crisis go to waste. They mean they can use that to get their agenda executed. Crisis such as covid, climate change, racial climate (which i think was made worst by some who use critical race theory), issues with sex and etc.

Like someone said on here or implied, I think our trust in the system. the voting system and the power that the people have, is being used against us to manipulate things to the way some elites want it. Marxism, covid, climate change, critical race theory appear to be tools for them to manipulate people.

Please don't ask me for evidence because I barely have any and prefer not to submit the evidence I do have because I think some pick in choose what evevidence they will accept whether video or otherwise. I'm hoping that some will discover this themselves. I put this framework together from many articles, videos, some books and seeing with my own eyes some people change into different people because of the bad ideologies they are being indoctrinated by. However I am keeping my self open to the possibility that it is not like this. However there are those who are in agreement with these bad ideologies that I have come across that try to make it seem like what they say is not what they are saying and try to make it seem like the concern is not valid but the same people push things like equity and a "no diversity of thought" thing. They make it seem like these ideologies don't exist yet it is in books like White Fragility, Critical Race Theory by Richard Delgado, How to be an Anti Racist by Ibram Kendi and others. Neil Shenvi Apologetics website talks about it and Conversations that matter podcast talks about it. But these are not my only sources.

I hope some will consider these things instead criticizing them and check it out for yourself. I also think that some extremist are using these ideologies like some progressives and some in the leadership of black lives matter.

I'm black. The benefit of equality, diversity and inclusion is good things to reach for if some correctly. This is not the way. And no one should use my or anymore else's desire for correct equality, correct inclusion and correct diversify based upon things we are supposed to be born as and born with. No one should make anyone less than because of a development problem or mental issue but at the same time push towards the way things are supposed to be when they are born. No one should make people think that everyone and everything besides white, male, Christian, conservative and republican are okay to be and all behaviors are acceptable as long as objective exclusive truth is not used to exclude certain behaviors.

We are equal under God, the law and in value and worth. We are not equal in behaviors and we can't make up identities. We should have equal rights according to being human, not according to behaviors. We should have equal opportunity not equal outcome or equity. We don't have to be equal in power and money if rights and opportunity is equal based upon being human not behaviors. This is according to being a U.S. citizen. However I think everyone should have equal rights and opportunities according them being human in their own country.

Some who use these bad ideologies do not believe as many do about equal rights and opportunities according to being human, not behavior, in their own countries.

I would rather not get any responses and some instead to look into this stuff. I hope you won't think it is a waste of time. It was big enough for the president to have it remkve from federal agencies. I hope some can disregard that Trump did it and not discredit looking into it because Trump did it. My point is that it was big enough to get to that with federal agencies.

Oh and critical race theory and the like do teach and indoctrinate people to hate America.
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None of this stuff has anything to do with Marxism.

No one who's actually read Marx would think it did.

It's just used as a cuss word in this context.
Classic liberals and humanists have some significant problems with critical race theory.
I hope they will fight it more because the extremist seem to be gaining ground. It's no longer just in universities like it used to be. There are atheist that consider it like a new religion.

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None of this stuff has anything to do with Marxism.

No one who's actually read Marx would think it did.

It's just used as a cuss word in this context.

Neil Shenvi explains that some people from followed Karl Marx's teachings and were Marxist. I'm not sure if they were considered Marxist but they did follow and go by his teachings to an extent. These people formed the Frankfort school which is where they created Critical Theory from the power dynamic philosophy of Karl Marx. And then offshoots of Critical Theory was created like critical race theory, legal theory, and gender theory. Some went by these theories directly and/or indirectly and created things like white fragility. One person created intersectionality.

Its all based on power structures in society which came from Marx directly or indirectly.

I am still learning about this stuff. I do know some leaders of black lives matter admitted on video they or recording they were trained Marxist. I can find the evidence where you can hear them saying that.
It’s a dumb book.

No one is denying that there are extremists on the left.
I think the problem is some denying how much influence they have. how much they are gaining and the effects of this influence.

Black lives matter have some leaders who are extremist and black lives matter have raised billions. Some are calling for them police to be defended. Some are letting criminals out of prison. Some are choosing people mainly based upon them being minorities and/or leading with the qualitification of them being a minority first.

The extremist seem to have infiltrated society/culture, the left, the democratic party, government, the progressives, media, social media, big business, big tech, law enforcement, education, entertainment and certain organizations.
Some say they maybe using this stuff to deconstruct the U.S., the construction, the bible, the culture and the society and build it back up the way they want to.