Something has to give

Mr Laurier

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As the corporate oligarchy plunders the world, we the workers seem powerless.
Unions are being eroded. And with them, the rights our grandfathers won on the picket lines.
This cannot be good.
Are you sure you're not related to Prime Minister Laurier? Your hair provides strong evidence to the contrary.



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I haven't watched this video, but I wanted to chime in on the topic of unions / erosion...

I recognize the history behind union labor here in the US. They were a good and necessary thing, and brought about permanent change to the labor market. As for Unions today, my opinion is generally less charitable; they tend to make companies less competitive by driving up costs, etc.

I have ultra-liberal friends who get angry when I talk like this, and that's when I usually sit them down and tell them to stop treating me like a Republican. I'm not suggesting we should get rid of union labor. I'm just saying I see them as a two-edged sword, rather than a bastion of protection for the beleaguered worker. As long as there are countries where labor is a tenth of the cost it is here in the States, unions will hurt America's competitiveness in the global market

So... should we stop union erosion? That's hard for me to say. There are definitely unions I'm more favorable towards, and some I actively dislike; it's impossible to find an "umbrella" approach that wont end up causing harm as well as doing some good.