Sunday of the Prodigal Son


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We Orthodox are now in our second week of the Triodion, which is known as the Sunday of the Prodigal Son.

Todays Liturgical readings:

Epistle - St. Paul's first letter to the Corinthians 6:12-20

Gospel - Luke 15:11-32


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Verses from the Vespers service on the Sunday of the Prodigal:

By Thy precious Cross, O Christ,
Thou hast put the devil to shame.
By Thy Resurrection, Thou hast blunted the sting of sin
and saved us from the gates of death.
We glorify Thee, O only-begotten One!

O great wonder!
The Creator of the invisible suffered in the flesh in His love for man
and rose again immortal.
Come, O sons of nations,
let us worship Him,
for delivered from error by His compassion
we have learned to sing of one God in three Persons.

We glorify the Leader of our salvation;
by His Resurrection from the dead,
the world was saved from deceit.
The assembly of Angels rejoices
as the deceit of demons is overthrown.
Fallen Adam rises as the devil falls.

The guards were instructed by the lawless ones:
“Hide the rising of Christ, take money and say:
‘The body was stolen from the tomb while we were asleep.’”
But who has heard of a body being stolen,
a body embalmed and naked,
with its grave-clothes left behind in the tomb?

I, a wretched man, hide my face in shame:
I have squandered the riches my Father gave to me;
I went to live with senseless beasts;
I sought their food and hungered, for I had not enough to eat.
I will arise, I will return to my compassionate Father;
He will accept my tears, as I kneel before Him, crying:
“In Thy tender love for all men, receive me as one of Thy servants and save me!”

By being pierced in the side, O Lover of man,
Thou hast poured out drops of life and salvation for all.
By accepting death in the flesh, Thou hast granted us immortality.
Thou hast freed us by being placed in the tomb,
and hast resurrected us with Thyself in glory, as God.
Glory to Thee, O Lord and Lover of man!