Survival of the fittest displayed in Rev Rich Dawkins embezzlement matter.

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Evolutionary biologist and best-selling author Richard Dawkins claims an employee of his Foundation for Reason and Science embezzled $375,000 from the online store he ran for Dawkins’ charity, by claiming it made only $30,000 in 3 years.

Dawkins says he found out about the scam this year, when the Foundation decided to wrest control of the store from [Josh] Timonen.

Scammer shafted a scammer. How ironic.
They cheated IRS.

Ignorant business acumen by the Distinguished

Charles Simian Professor of the Pubic Understanding of Science,

I am sure the local accusers missed this case of money stolen from the poor and the needy.

Timonen handed over financial books that detailed his embezzlement, Dawkins says, including $500 meals, trips to Timberline Lodge in Oregon and the Malibu Beach Inn, and $314,000 in “salaries” paid to Timonen and his girlfriend -though Timonen and the Foundation agreed that the $278,000 it was aware of paying him would be his combined salary for running the store and performing his other duties.

Timonen’s “significantly older” girlfriend, defendant Maureen Norton, allegedly used at least $100,000 of the charity’s money to upgrade her Sherman Oaks home before she put it on the market.

Greed selling Dawkins bling bling.
Of course atheeists worried about

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you can see clearly that one of the benefits of the “highest membership level” is to have a private lunch with Dawkins.

So the poor and needy get to dine with his Majestic Highness. If they give sacrificially. Non profit