*** Terrorism


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Jesus Christ showed me in a dream where I was at an event, there were a lot of well dressed people there, it appeared to be a formal event. This event seemed to last for at least two days or more, including with an event or events taking place in the morning or afternoon. I remember seeing Prince Harry and he seemed to be a coordinator of this event. However unknown to some people at the event, there were very bad people there that were planning to take over the event. This event seemed to take place away from the mainland, perhaps it was on a luxury ship, it seems one could only leave the event on a boat. The bad people who were doing this did not care about the life of innocent people, and if they were crossed in any way, they would not hesitate to kill persons, they were very brutal.

I remember seeing these bad people dipping people's toothbrush in a substance. During a performance at this event, there was a lot of smoke created by this bad people, which made people panic.

There was security planned for this event, but it seemed like at some point they were replaced by the terrorists, so although I tried to find help, the person I was told that I should go to in case of an emergency was no longer there.

Whatever event this is, it should be completely cancelled immediately, and investigations needed to be done to uncover what is happening, and to bring all the perpetrators to justice. This incident was well planned, and involve many people.

I was asking Jesus Christ about this after some time after waking up and he showed a wealthy woman with a black veil on her face, who seemed to be checking out the luxury ship, or the area, prior to the event.