"The Bobulinski Interview. Biden family coruption and election interference included. Must watch"


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In the meantime. Looks like Saudi Arabia is cutting production which is going to drive up fuel prices. I would be willing to bet part of their reasoning has to do with the Nordstream pipeline sabotage.

It could be they expect a republican sweep in both the House and the Senate in November, and with the power of the gavel in both chambers Republicans will have a great opportunity to drive the narrative through investigations and so forth.

Of course one of the major issues going into the 2024 election cycle will be energy prices. And it would seem to me that it would be in the Saudi's best interest to make sure they are as high as they possibly can be before Republicans have an opportunity to drive remedial legislation and executive action to bring those prices down.

In other words, this strikes me as a classic instance of trying to make hay while the sunshine's.