The Drastic Change In Jamaica


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I had several dreams last night. First I dreamt I was in a bus, as the bus was driving a woman in black opened the door of the bus I was in (this was not a typical bus) and a little while after the bus swung open and my father had to quickly lock the door to prevent me from falling out.

Then in this same bus this woman began offering persons something to eat I told her no, that me and the people with me will not eat it. She was trying to force us. Then because we did not eat what she wanted us to eat, somehow afterwards every bus in Jamaica became unsafe for us to travel in, because this woman somehow had the influence to reach all buses.

Then in another dream I saw that the government in Jamaica introduce something called a National PIN for persons using their phones in Jamaica. I saw young people of the governing political party being mesmerized (in a demonic way) by this, there was something wrong with this spiritually and otherwise.