The economic effect of Climate Change


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Vineyards producing red and white wines in California* are approaching an existential crisis as grapes experience weather extremes annually. Continued cycles of drought coupled with inordinate heat and growing seasons that begin with deep frosts are pushing the industry deeper into survival mode.

The Great Salt Lake in Utah is evaporating and changing the entire hydroclimate of the region and it is significantly affecting the mineral industry, its local ski industry, and the shrimp industry worldwide. The demand of water continues to exceed the supply. As mounting costs increase with dwindling jobs, fewer boats for recreation, and a growing population, Salt Lake City is taking action by halting business permits that require significant water use.

Poisonous dust plumes due to a dried lake and mining activity have projected healthcare expenses that may cost greater than $330 million over the next 20 years.

Lakes Mead and Powell are also depleting their water levels to historic lows.


*Sonoma and Napa valleys