The Elite 144,000


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So-called Replacement Theology is just another name for identity theft. Take for
example the Watchtower Society's interpretation of Rev 7:1-8 wherein is listed a
specific number of Hebrews taken from every tribe of the sons of Israel.

The Society claims that those aren't biological sons of Israel; but rather "spiritual"
sons-- referring of course to the Society's elite cadre of 144,000 Witnesses who
have supposedly undergone a spirit birth as per Christ's instructions at John 3:3
12; and the anointing as per 1John 2:26-27.

The Society's claim is premised upon its observation that there never was a tribe of
Joseph; when in reality Joseph is listed as both a son and a tribe (Gen 49:2-28 and
Ezek 48:31-34). So that portion of the Society's reasoning is clearly a false

The Society's claim is also premised upon its observation that Ephraim and Dan are
missing from the list of tribes at Rev 7:4-8. However, what the Society's
theologians have somehow overlooked in the Old Testament is that it doesn't
matter whose names are chosen to represent the twelve tribes of Israel just so long
as there are twelve names. Are there twelve in Rev 7:4-8? Yes. Well then that's
good enough. I realize that makes no sense but then the Lord's apostles were still
referred to as "the twelve" even with Judas out of the picture. So that premise in
the Society's reasoning is spurious too.

The Society's claim is also premised upon its reasoning that Levi isn't a valid tribe
based upon the fact that the Levites are exempt from warfare. However, Levi is
clearly listed as both a son and a tribe (Gen 49:2-28) plus Ezek 48:31-34, which is
a good many years after Num 1:1-54. So that premise is bogus too.

The Watchtower Society not wanting the 144,000 to be biological Hebrews is one
thing; but I would just like to know from whence Charles T. Russell's and Joseph F.
Rutherford's followers got the idea that their people constitute the 144,000. That's
a pretty serious claim. How do they validate it? I don't know; but I can just about
guarantee that their explanation is an outlandish stretch of the imagination
consisting of humanistic reasoning, rationalizing, spiritualizing, clever sophistry, and
semantic double-speak.

NOTE: According to Rev 14:1-4, the 144,000 are supposed to all be males, and
none have ever slept with a woman. That, if true, would of course disqualify
married JWs.