The Fig Tree is Israel?


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The budding already occurred long ago...

Here are some weaknesses with the Fig Tree being Israel

It imports ideas into the words of Jesus that he never expressed.
It ignores the different symbolic uses of the fig tree in the Bible.
It ignores the parallel passage in the gospel of Luke - (Luke 21:29-32).
It overlooks the consistent application in the gospel accounts of “this generation” to the generation contemporary with Jesus.
It does not apply “this generation” in accord with normal Greek usage.
It fails to see the Old Testament background behind the phrase, “this generation.”
In the parable, the fig tree was sprouting leaves, NOT fruit - It was fruitless.
The budding tree signified the approach of “summer,” not the restoration of Israel.


I used to actually understand this as Jesus using an example from nature to simply say that when the signs come about that the end is very close. And of course these signs referring to events in the first century. Adam Clark's commentary on Matthew 24 is a good way to understand how the signs were fulfilled in the first century.

But as I studied a little more I did discover that trees were symbols of Nations. The different variety or species of tree symbolically represented a different Nation. and I did discover that the fig tree is sometimes used to refer to either Israel or Judah it doesn't really matter. So when Jesus says when you see the fig pushing its leaves you know that summer is near. In another gospel he says when you see the fig tree and all the trees..... When referring to all the trees I think that Jesus is referring to other nations pushing against Rome. he also had said that they would see and hear of rumors of war and Nation against nation. That is a peculiar way to say Nation against another nation, thus I believe that he's referring to the civil wars of a Nation against itself and in those civil wars some of the nation states were pushing back against Roman authority and intervention in their lives. This is what the patient was called back to Rome to help to quell. So when the idea of when you see the fig and all the trees I think he is reiterating the idea that Nation, tree Will rise against itself and against other trees and these things referring to the civil wars of roughly 67 through 69 ad but specifically at 68/69.

The idea of the fig tree pushing its leaves if it does refer to Israel as of the fig tree, whatever is meant must have had occurred within that generation. That included the pushing of the fig leaves.