The goal of lockdowns is a spike in drug overdose and suicides

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Under tyranny making a society go anti-social there is a price to pay.

Milwaukee suicide up 80 % and drug overdose up54%

FaoChi the Quack should have predicted this. Oh, everything he predicted was wrong. Nasty liberal governors will see the worst cases.

The damage to children and their education will last a long time.

One proven feature of socialism is it does spread misery.


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I'm just curious, Whats your purpose in intentionally mispelling his name? I am certain it wont be a rational reason, but hey, I am in the mood for some entertainment. So please, ye of the many degrees, enlighten me.

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I just heard the Quack may be out of a job. Such mind blowing horrible predictions from FaoChi, WHO and the political/medical gubment folks.