The King of Kings and Lord of Lords who dwells in unapproachable light

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No I asked you to define resurrection with a lexicon first before we go to Hebrews . Here goes the games I was hoping to avoid this year . Some things never change do they . What is the definition of insanity . Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results .
Haha you nailed it 😂


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Two questions two answers.
Yes Jesus is a real "person" and always has been, as in the church phrase, God in three persons. The Father and the Spirit, in that context are also considered by the church as persons. I cannot think of a better way to express it.

But as to His physical body, He left it in the physical grave and went to the grave which is the place of the dead. He did not take that body with Him there. So did He take that physical body back up when God raised Him? I don't think so, and I would reference, maybe 10 scriptures that expalin why I see that

It occured to me that you might also be wondering by "person" do i think he was human. Yes.

There is no scriptures that say or suggest that Jesus left his physical body behind. And if he did, then where is it?
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