The Kingdom & Regeneration


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It's both tragic and ironic that the Watchtower Society's rank and file missionaries
go worldwide advertising a kingdom that they themselves will never be allowed to
enter. Here's why.

At John 3:3-12, Christ discusses what he labels "earthly things".

The primary earthly thing discussed was the kingdom of God. The other earthly
thing discussed was a Spirit-birth requirement to enter it. In other words: God's
kingdom on earth, and a Spirit birth, are joined at the hip.

The overwhelming majority of JWs coming to our doors aren't Spirit-born now, nor
do they ever expect to be-- not in this life, nor in the next --yet they sincerely
believe they have a shot at admission to God's kingdom on earth. However, seeing
as how the Spirit-birth requirement is a must rather than an option; they will not