The limits of wishful thinking...


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A young man is walking along the beach and inadvertently disturbs a dirty old oil lamp. After giving it a good rub, a genie emerges and offers to grant him the penultimate desire of his heart. After giving it some serious consideration, the young man says that he's been eyeing a brand-new fire engine red corvette in the showroom of the local exotic car dealer, but he doesn't want to buy it unless he can drive it to Hawaii. He'd love to drive it there.

The genie ponders this wish for some time and finally points out that this is one of those wishes that he must sheepishly admit that what with the depth of the ocean, and transpacific ocean traffic, the logistics for building a bridge to Hawaii are insurmountable.

The young man is disappointed but understands that there are limits to these things so after a bit of thought, he then tells the genie that it would be so wonderful to be able to make his wife happy for the rest of their marriage.

A moment later, the genie inquires, "Do you want that bridge two lanes or four?"