The origin of the KJVO myth...


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I can't help but marvel at the HYPOCRISY of some KJVOs. They offer no opposition to the origin of the current KJVO myth as presented in this thread, but they STILL go on BELIEVING that myth, while claiming to be Sola Scriptura. Plainly, the KJVO myth is NOT found in Scripture, even in the KJV itself. Many of us Freedom Readers have asked the KJVOs to provide Scriptural support for KJVO, & they either leave the discussion, remain silent, or give some nonsensical answer. They're just so in thrall to the KJVO myth that they can't leave it, no matter how many reasons they're given that it's false, reasons they can't begin to refute.

So, O KJVOs, lemme ask you an important question: You're obviously in thrall to the KJVO myth, which has been proven to be a lie, due to its total lack of Scriptural support, a fact that makes it a LIE The question is: WHO ARE YOU IN THRALL TO? As KJVO is a lie, remember who the FATHER OF LIES is ! ! Do you REALLY wish to remain in thrall to HIM?

If you prayerfully ask JESUS, He can break that thralldom & send the HOLY SPIRIT to teach you the TRUTH! After all, the Bible is HIS book!


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Yes, I have been. The Christian bookstore in my city was owned by a KJV-only advocate who died and now his family probably owns it, and it only sells editions of the KJV with the exception of a reprint edition of the Geneva Bible, Matthew's Bible, and Tyndale's.
I'm sure you know it's easy to find & order virtually any Bible version, new or old, in almost any language, online.


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The KJVO movement is equivalent to the 'Russian Collusion Fake News' that is now being imposed upon the church. Its rude.

Its a diversion to keep believers preoccupied with what is not going to gain them maturity in Christ. The Devil likes that. Make them feel righteous and happy... (fat headed, dumb, and happy)

What brings us to maturity is enduring and going through various stages of growth until we find sound exegesis as taught by one of the few prepared pastor-teachers. Faithfully teaching their flock God has assigned him.

Jesus was the Word of God made flesh.

The KJVO crowd present Jesus sounding like a Shakespearean actor wearing leotards.

Its dumb. Perfect for those who need an easy way to feel wise in their own eyes.