the original Messianic Judaism?

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Essenes, Qumran community, Dead Sea Scrolls, extrabiblical History, testaments of early patriarchs, "the Way"
prophecy, Israel, the Jewish people from a Messianic (Jesus) perspective, "The Chosen" tv series,
Asian noodles, elbow surgery, MLB playoffs, etc etc

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"I called there on the name of God saying
'You are God, King of Eternity'...
God spoke to me that night,
'...why wander? You have not reached the holy mountain.'
So I travelled there. I went to the south around Moreh. *
and continued until I came to Hebron. I built part
of Hebron at that time, and stayed there...

A famine occurred over all the land, but I heard there
was food in Egypt.
I travelled toward the land of Egypt, I said to myself,
'Now we are crossing into the land of sons of Ham'."
- testament of Abraham DSS 1Q20

* moreh means "great teacher"
he went around the place of Shem (a sign of respect)
a school and holy place to Abraham
where he had spent significant amount of time with Shem and Eber in his youth
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"I laid my hands on his head and prayed for his healing (it says pharaoh of Zoan)
Immediately the evil spirit left, and he and his household were
restored to full health.
...the king gave me many gifts and swore and oath to me that...
he had never defiled (Sarah) in any way. (she had been there two years)
He gave her gold, silver, clothes of fine linen and purple, and
a handmade named Hagar.
He then appointed an escort to take us back to the boarder of Egypt.
Now I, Abraham, left Egypt with a tremendous amount of flocks,
silver, and gold.
Lot, my brother's son, also acquired many flocks and took an Egyptian wife."
- testament of Abraham DSS 1Q20

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