the original Messianic Judaism?


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yr still just Trolling
No, you can't defend what you call Messianic Judaism.

and have no answer to a very important Biblical question in these current event times
Rotfl... I have answers. Just follow what's happened in the past...

I don't answer yr same old same old junk anymore
You never did.

or what doesn't go with the OP
you can argue with Christians as you like to do on the other forum
Like your non-Biblical posts?

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Essenes, Qumran community, Dead Sea Scrolls, extrabiblical History, testaments of early patriarchs, "the Way"
prophecy, Israel, the Jewish people from a Messianic (Jesus) perspective, whatever interests AG in the moment, etc. etc.

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"He answered me saying... (an "angel" /also called by Ezra "Lord" and the one who "ordained the Law"/"Your Law")

'The Most High made this world for the many, but the world to come for the few.
What exists in more abundance...clay or gold?
The world is...the same way.
Many have been created, but few live.'"
- apocalypse of Ezra

"...there are few who find it."
"...many are called, but few are chosen."
- Jesus

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The Lord Commissions Ezra

"I revealed myself in a bush and spoke to Moses, when my people were in bondage in Egypt; and I sent him and led my people out of Egypt;
and I led him up on Mount Sinai, where I kept him with me many days; and I told him many wondrous things, and showed him the secrets of the times and declared to him the end of the times.
Then I commanded him, saying, ‘These words you shall publish openly, and these you shall keep secret.’
And now I say to you:..."

Ezra's Concern to Restore the Scriptures
"For behold, I will go, as thou hast commanded me, and I will reprove the people who are now living; but who will warn those who will be born hereafter? For the world lies in darkness, and its inhabitants are without light. For thy law has been burned, and so no one knows the things which have been done or will be done by thee. If then I have found favor before thee, send the Holy Spirit into me, and I will write everything that has happened in the world from the beginning, the things which were written in thy law, that men may be able to find the path, and that those who wish to live in the last days may live.”

The Restoration of the Scriptures

" And the Most High gave understanding to the five men (Ezra and five other scribes/priests, I guess),
and by turns they wrote what was dictated, in characters which they did not know. They sat forty days, and wrote during the daytime, and ate their bread at night. As for me, I spoke in the daytime and was not silent at night.
So during the forty days ninety-four books were written. (written down, not authored)

And when the forty days were ended, the Most High spoke to me, saying,...

'Make public the twenty-four books that you wrote first and let the worthy and the unworthy read them;
but keep the seventy that were written last, in order to give them to the wise among your people.
For in them is the spring of understanding, the fountain of wisdom, and the river of knowledge.'
And I did so."
- 2 Esdras/Apocalypse of Ezra