The Origins Of Prostitution


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I was watching a documentary on Discovery Science Channel and the focus was on prostitution, revealing that prostitution originally began in the religious community, that is in ancient Babylon, Mesopotamia, in honor of the goddess Inanna. This aspect of prostitution is sometimes called sacred prostitution.

Worship of Inanna​

Her temple at Uruk was her central cult center but throughout Mesopotamia her temples and shrines were numerous and sacred prostitutes, of both genders, may have been employed to ensure the fertility of the earth and the continued prosperity of the communities. Her clergy were both male, female, and a third which one would define as "transgender" in the modern-day. Male transgenders, known as kurgarra, castrated themselves, females who identified as males were known as galatur; both were thought to have either been transformed by Inanna/Ishtar herself or created by the Father God Enki to rescue Inanna from the underworld. The Descent of Inanna notes that Enki made them "neither male nor female" and the clergy of Inanna's temple honored this tradition by embodying it.