The Peril Of Immunization


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This comment isn't meant to discourage vaccinations, nor to disparage their value;
only to revive awareness that the only health a vaccination protects is your own.

In other words: vaccines don't sanitize your body; it remains toxic, and spreads
germs everywhere you go; germs that are fully capable of infecting the people
around you.

For example: when Europeans first came to North America, many of them arrived
with herd immunity to diseases like typhoid, measles, flu, and smallpox. But their
immunity didn't prevent the Europeans from carrying those diseases to indigenous
villages. Consequently, friendly contact with native Americans resulted in many of
them dying from foreign diseases.

Vaccination ID cards offer no assurance to passengers on an airplane, on mass transit,
or on a bus that you won't make them sick if they sit near you.
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