The Pope video

Jorge Bergoglio, aka "Pope Francis" just released a new "Pope Video" which is yet another religiously indifferent propaganda piece that seeks to unite all men with his notion of "human fraternity", regardless of their religion. The video places Catholicism, Islam and Talmudic Judaism all on equal footing as Bergoglio falsely referring to them as "believers."
In this video religious differences are minimized and relativized and the false religions of Islam and Talmudic Judaism are placed as equals to Catholicism. The grand finale of the video is the three different believers coming together to distribute food to people at a soup kitchen.

As is typical in the Novus Ordo sect, and particularly with Bergoglio, the spiritual is being subordinated to temporal works, the supernatural to the natural, God to man. False religions are framed merely as “other cultures, other traditions and other beliefs.” Bergoglio is recasting fundamental religious differences as mere differences in custom, tradition, and views; accidental details.

The message is clear; it doesn't matter what you believe, what matters is coming together to serve some temporal interest of man, be that feeding the hungry, not using plastic straws, or playing the banjo in a nursing home.

Bergoglio has always been religiously indifferent. Who can forget this classic: