the real conspiracy theory is atheism.

Mr Laurier

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So you were raped by priests who did not belong to a church?
Of all the prestige careers among the pedophiles who used CPRI as a prey farm, priest was not represented/
Banker, Police chief, Lawyer, Politician. All represented. But no priest.

Mr Laurier

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Because you keep claiming that you were praying to Jesus and he never did anything to stop the priests who raped you.
Excuse me? What priests? Where are you getting priests?
Maybe you should try thinking instead of resorting to your script.

Mr Laurier

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If you're here, ranting about God, and refuse to follow Jesus, you're wasting your life.

Considering that the ungodly will go to hell when they die, it seems to me that they can either come follow Jesus and escape the judgment due sin or go out and live however they please, because once death comes, all their attempts are done.
They'll spend their eternity in prison for their sin.
Big "If". And still wrong. Even if I did rant about God, and refuse to follow Jesus, I would still not be wasting my life.

Considering that your "ungodly" is a figment of your own revenge fantasy...


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Ignorance of ancient superstition frees up the mind for real thinking.
True that.
Starting from an a priori position of believing in (a) god, automatically dismisses whole fields of fact, while inserting and preferring mere belief.
Iow, a thoroughly unscientific method.
To be fair, belief in (a) god does not automatically preclude one from scientific endeavor - Francis Collins is one example but he left his personal beliefs outside the laboratory so to speak and so we see that a truer view of things scientific was attained in this fashion.
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