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And what do you say is the date and the name of the man who founded the Catholic Church?
Shows you don't know the real history of your institution. Hmmmmm what happen to all those Jewish believing bishops when your institution started and wanted to change to false doctrines. Your institution is not a church, a church does not sin and wallow in sin, your institution has since its conception. It has been on a power trip, which Jesus never did. It has murdered, promoted wars, wallowed in depraved moral behaviour and evil men as leaders, killed children etc.

My particular favourite is the cadaver pope. He was insane but your institution made him a pope. The problem is from the head down. Jesus is not the head of your institution and it shows.


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  • pilgrim said:
    That's just it, Leonard. I am not reading the Bible with my "own" glasses. I read the Bible with the mind of the Church (as it ought to be read), deferring to Its teachings since It is much older, wiser and promised by Scripture to be led to all Truth.

    I am in the One Church - one faith, one Lord, and one baptism. One in number and in unity.

    I am not in a church of "one" (myself/ individualism). That is where reading the Bible for oneself can lead to, if not adhering to established Church teaching. ...

    Then you believe the RCC is the Holy Spirit. Jesus said He'd send believers the Holy Spirit, not the church. Those who are believers are the church.


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Bonnie said:
Reading with the mind or YOUR Church is NOT reading them with the mind of Christ, who said "In vain do they worship Me, teaching for doctrine the commandments of men."

So, is unity more important than truth?

Some of your "established Church teachings" are wrong and found nowhere in the Bible, or even hinted at.
pilgrim said: - Bonnie, where was the true Church before 1500AD?
evidently you can't answer Bonnie's question... so you side step it with an unrelated question.


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mica said:
Christianity isn't splintered. It's united in Him. Others, who are united by the words of men, claim to be Christian but they aren't.

Claiming to be in and of Him is not the same as actually being in and of Him.

Catholicism is unbiblical. Catholics don't care that it is unbiblical, because they believe in and follow the RCC, not God.
Now if that were true , there would be no difference in doctrine or practice, for all would be under the same overseers, as in Scripture.
Believers are under the same Overseer as in scripture - Christ Himself.

Who do the apostles claim to believe in and follow?


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Is that a made up statement or do you have proof?
Let me see..............hmmmm.........
How about the fact that the rcc hunted down and murdered people who printed the bible?
How about the fact that the rcc hunted down and murdered people who translated the bible into different languages?
How about the fact that Bloody Mary murdered people that rejected the false gospel of the rcc?
Don't forget the Inquisition..
There are also underground churches in China today that have to move around on a regular basis to avoid being arrested .
That is enough evidence for me.