There is no war on christmas, Just hold off 'till after the 11th

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Its that time of year again... when the faux noise viewers are triggered to whine about their "WAR ON CHRISTMAS".
And about how "we cant say merry christmas, because it will offend the atheists muslims".
Never mind that no atheist OR muslim has ever been offended by anybody saying "merry christmas".
But there is something I would like to ask.
Please wait until AFTER remembrance day, to start putting up your christmas lights.
And let's remember the awful cost paid by so many people, jews, christians, muslims, sikhs, hindus, and atheists alike, for the imagined glories of empire, between 1914, and 1918.
Merry Christmas!!


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Bonnie, these are mocking atheists, thinking people are upset because of some "war" they think is happening, somewhere, somehow.

No one takes them seriously.
And I was just showing that it is much ado about nothing...and it is. :)
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