Tithing, and Mormon Ignorance


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When I did my undergrad, I took an introductory logic course. I can't remember whether it was because of general interest, or whether it was related to my computer major.

One of things I learned in the course (I like to think I already knew it, but the course at least emphasized it), is that "negation" does NOT mean "opposite". For instance, the negation of "all" does NOT mean "none", it can simply mean "some".

In this exchange, a Mormon poster offers a false dichotomy:


To be "exalted" to "godhood" after death, Mormons must tithe, ...


You need to show me where he said, don't pay anything to the church, keep your money and spend it however you see if fit, it's all good with me.

Sadly for the ignorance and lack of imagination of Mormons, these are NOT the only two options available. The available options include:

1) tithe to the church out of necessity;
2) tithe to the church out of a cheerful heart;
3) give offerings to the church less than a full tithe;
4) give of yourself in non-monetary ways.
5) Be greedy and don't give anything to anybody, but selfishly keep everything for yourself.

The three middle options are all consistent with those God loves.
The two border options come from the slavish mindset of Mormonism.


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Thanks, Theo. Plus, I never said not to give money to our churches.

But at least in my church, we can read at the end of the year how our church has used all of the money we donate to it--what percent goes where. It isn't kept secret. It usually shows up near the end of the year in our church's official magazine, as a pie chart. But if not, it can be viewed online on its website. OR anyone can write to our church and request to see a breakdown of how my church has used its donations over the past year.

Mormons cannot do that. They know only in a general way how their money is used. It has been kept secret from their membership since about 1957 or thereabouts.

But you are correct--negation doesn't mean "Opposite." But in order to be "exalted' to "godhood" in the CK after death, Mormons MUST tithe in order to be "worthy' of getting into their temples, so they can perform the rituals and make the covenants therein, that are necessary to do in order to GET exalted to godhood after death. NO tithing--NO getting into the temples to do the rituals and make the covenants necessary therein that will lead to exaltation to godhood after death.

So, Mormons must essentially PAY for what Jesus Christ suffered, bled, and died to give us as a GIFT--eternal life in heaven with God and Jesus Christ. Sad. "For the wages of sin is death, but the FREE GIFT OF GOD is life eternal in Christ Jesus our Lord."