To the Critics: How do Mormon's determine doctrine?


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Ok, I'm putting mormon-critics on defense.

Mormons are told what their church believes is false. Mormons disagree.

If Mormons bring up anything substantiated in the Bible, they either read it wrong, or They are then told, in essence, "that's not what you really believe."

Mormon critics are never held to a standard because they never commit to one. It always results in plausible deniability. Thus, they can say and use ANY resource and it MUST be the case, except when it isn't...then it just the opinion of the individual, and not the religion. It's the epitome of subjectivity.

You tell me I don't understand my own religion. So, if you're calling the shots, then go ahead - teach me!

How do Mormons define doctrine?

If all teachings given stopped at the KFD or Brigham Young Discourses - -why to they still have leadership? Apparently, according to critics, all teachings have already been given, never to be added to or clarified ever again.


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Aaron, your prophets Joseph Smith and Brigham Young taught many things that were-- and in some cases-- are believed by Mormon faithful. Brigham himself taught his sermons were scripture. He is/was considered a prophet of your church, correct? When he what he taught "as scripture" is later denigrated to simply opinion and shelved, what are folks to think?

Your prophets set the standard and that standard is no longer stationary but a moving standard. I would suggest that poses a significant problem, considering your church has apparently moved 180 degrees from such doctrines believed as men may become gods, rule their own planets, etc. such as was articulated by Bruce McConkie in "Mormon Doctrine". That work was used for what, 50 years, to teach seminarians and missionaries.

I will grant you some of the odd beliefs were not voted upon by the faithful, but prophetic utterances in the Old or New Testament were never voted upon either. If having a living prophets is such a big deal, those prophets will be consistent and not be like a modern-day congress that will overturn and change existing laws and practices. Your modern prophets have done that. God's revelation doctrinally will never change. The entire Old Testament is consistent in its witness to the Messiah who would come. It is consistent in its prophecies of the rise, fall and rise again of Israel and is supported by the New Testament. It is consistent.

Mormon revelation has not been consistent and is self contradictory even in its own texts as others here have pointed out. Non-Mormon Christian believers have cited LDS sources to prove points concerning this.

The Bible is consistent because it is God-breathed. God will not contradict himself on doctrine or prophetically what will happen.

So I will answer your question with a question..... How do Mormons define doctrine and what happens to the old doctrines that were believed and are now shelved ?