Told ya!


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No, Ted...RIP redundancy.

You have done what you needed to do to stifle conversation, and the legitimacy and originality of your claims waned decades ago. You have not responded as if you expected WoF to have anything to offer...and you act as if defending what you cannot understand is even worth it. It's not.

In the meantime, WoFers like Robby Dawkins are doing what Jesus did in territory that is every bit as hostile to the gospel as it was in Paul's day...he's not arguing. He's just doing.

You can't argue with a do that brings Afghans to Jesus in Kabul in the sight of the Taliban.

You've only successfully devalued any attempt at response.

Faith is not dead...only yours. Here we end up arguing whether or not Dawkins is even WoF....Not worth it.