Top military officials feared Trump was planning a coup


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Your point falls over. The military leaders discussed RESIGNING so they would not have to follow orders.
It takes exactly zero courage to "discuss RESIGNING" with a bunch of people who agree with your politics. In fact, discussing resigning is the very form of cowardice. People who have the courage of their convictions act and these are a bunch of scumbags, slime, self-serving elitists who simply want to imperiously lord over the American people. I want the list of names of people who nodded in agreement with Milly, when he plotted the coup against the United States. Everyone of them needs to be facing charges for treason.

Mike McK

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So how would he have pulled off a coup without the military?
So many in our military are young people who were never taught the Constitution they've sworn an oath to defend. I don't think flipping them would be very hard, especially since the military is now no longer going after warriors, but betas.


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****** wasn’t a dictator but not for lack of trying.
What a ridiculous statement… it tethers to reality at exactly no point.
His love and admiration of fascist leaders is well-documented.
Good grief!
ETA: It seems the family name has been censored here. I find it odd and a little disconcerting to be censored here but evidently the alleged freedom-loving patriots that make up Trump’s base are censors. Sad but unsurprising.
Are you saying this is going to threaten the truckload of admiration you otherwise had for Trump supporters? I doubt seriously that the word "disappointment" accurately reflects your state of mind.