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I watched this movie probably a few years after if came out on DVD, then I just watched it again yesterday. It's an action/adventure/drama. An extremist/terrorist group is blowing up stuff, and the protagonist is asked to join because of his expertise in the use of explosives. He's deeply religious, but also working deep within the CIA. Needless to say, he's conflicted, and walking a thin line between patriotism and his core beliefs. To make matters worse, the FBI is tracking him, and beating him up.

In the end the radicals prove to be too insane, and he directs 30 suicide bombers (all perfect strangers to each other) to the same bus. They are all instructed to detonate themselves at the same time, and as one stands up yelling allah is good, the others realize that there's a problem, but you can't reason with radicals so they all blow up together.

The thing I liked about this movie is that the humor isn't overt, but sublime to the point of non existent. What I mean is that I liked the movie for the action, suspense and drama, but woke up this morning thinking about it and laughing at the idea of 30 suicide bombers blowing each other up. It's comical, yet not enough to hit me until the next day. Movies that reveal things days later are great movies in my opinion.