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Who said that a broken and contrite heart takes credit?

Actually "a broken and contrite heart" wouldn't take credit for God's work in them.

Who said anything about taking credit for God's reproof?

From you and your "response", rather than crediting it to "God's reproof". Please do not include those who disagree with you in your "our", because we do not agree with you.

From our response to God's reproof.

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Ladodgers6 said:
Where's the rule book, because I believe harassment is not allow, correct?

Here they are:

Remember they are placed there for you to OBEY, and NOT TO DEBATE. You do that at the peril of your posting privileges

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If we were to use that kind of reasoning, then only atheists and unbelievers could post in the Atheism/Agnosticism/Sec Humanism forum. It sounds more like a "safe space", than the Church's work and the business of the Body of Christ