Trump campaign knew lawyers’ voting machine claims were baseless


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Everybody knew except the MAGA cultists who repeated a thousand baseless claims of voter fraud, all of which have been proven bogus.

Every time I see these references to trump I can't help but laugh. It reminds me of the old joke, how do you drive an idiot insane? Put him in a round room and tell him to find the corners. You people get played like a fiddle. And an out of tune one at that
Yep. Trump knew all this and does not care. It's what wannabe dictators do.
You know what you're right, I've finally come to realize trump was a wannabe dictator, nothing like the actually dictator the buffoons elected on November.


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Baloney.. The Boston Globe can hardly be considered a "crazy" source. Sheer desperation on your part:

Don’t humor him.

He just tries to get under people’s skin by calling all credible sources crazy and citing an increasingly loony collection of absurd, propaganda blogs.