Tuning Fork Therapy


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No sure if I am posting this question in the right place as this is my first posting. I have a loved one who is involved in what appears to be a New Age healing practice. It is called Tuning Form Therapy. The basic idea that vibrations at a given frequency might have a physiological effect is believable. But my loved one claims he and other practitioners can do this remotely through Zoom. Given that this removes any physiological effect (other than possibly a placebo), it appears to me that the benefit he claims (some of which are extraordinary) might be spiritual. My loved one is an intelligent and highly educated (PhD level) in a medical field. He believes in God, but his definition of God is more closely linked with Creation and not the Creator. He is not a Christian in that he does not believe in the diety of Christ beyound that of the diety in us all.
Does any one know anything about tuning fork therapy? (its efficacy, its resemblance to other possibly demonic activities, etc). When I press him on the difficulty of imagining the plausibility of distance healing through sound waves (some of which are not audible), he references quantum physics and specifically non-locality.