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My third up close sighting was very dramatic as well, that took place in Connecticut where I live now.

It was one solid color orange. There was also a haze or fog that surrounded the object that those photos do not show. But it was easy to see it was a solid object surrounded by a haze.

I have drawn all of these UFO in paint (it will be obvious I am NOT an artist) and saved them in Photobucket long ago, I will post them here.

Here is my drawing of the 1973 UFO.

That shows how it looked when I first saw it, how it looked when it flattened out, and how it looked when it shot off over the horizon. But again, it was shaped more like those images you showed, with straight edges and angles, kind of like a diamond. I am simply not an artist.

My 1969 UFO looked like this;

And here is what my third close sighting looked like, which I will tell you about afterward

As you see, all of my sightings were pretty boring. I know this sounds stupid, but I have always been a little disappointed with the UFOs I have seen. I have always wanted to see the classic disc with the rotating colored lights going around it. My UFOs were all pretty plain. Oh well.

Now about this third close sighting. This took place maybe 1977 or 78 up here in Connecticut. I do not know why I do not know the exact date like the first two, but for some reason I did not make a mental note of that. All I know is approximately the date, as I was working 2nd shift in New Milford Ct. and was driving home every night to Waterbury Ct. which HAD to be either 1977 or 78. I once thought it was 1980, but that cannot be correct.

Anyway, I was coming home on I-84 which is one of the busiest highways in the state, although this was around midnight and there was no traffic at the time. It was in the winter, because it was very cold with a beautiful clear sky. There was a full moon that night, with the moon almost directly overhead when I saw this UFO.

I was coming down a big hill with a long straightaway maybe a mile long. From this hill you can see Waterbury off to the left, about 5 miles away. I was traveling east. Officially I was in Middlebury, Ct.

I happened to look to my left and I saw this long cylindrical UFO flying right beside me. It scared me, because it was so close. It was just on the other side of the highway, no more that a 100-150 feet away, and just over the treetops, maybe 75 feet up at most. This object was large, maybe 100 feet long, and maybe 20 feet high. I cannot tell you the color because it was dark, but I could see the moon's reflection on it, that showed it was metallic. I am guessing it was either silver, or a dark gray. The moon was so bright that night I could plainly see this vehicle. It had no elevator fins or rudders, it had no gondola underneath. It was a very simple cigar or "hot dog" shaped object.

However it did have one very interesting feature, it had three perfectly round "portholes" on the bottom, with a soft blue light shining out. They were just like the portholes on a ship. These were windows, and I could clearly look up into the craft, but all I saw was blue light, as if this object were hollow.

The first thing I did was roll down my window to see if I could hear it, but all I could hear was the wind passing my car. This object was going east just like me, only slightly faster. I was probably going 65-70 MPH, so this thing was probably going around 80 MPH. It was not more than 20 feet over the trees.

This object scared me, because I absolutely felt it appeared just for my sake and was observing me. I was afraid it might land in front of me and block my way. I know that sounds funny, but that's what I thought at the time. It was also amazing that there was absolutely no traffic on this normally very busy highway, I was all alone with this thing.

Anyway, this vehicle just continued to go down the hill like me. As it got ahead of me, I saw that it had another porthole on it's rear end, except green light was shining out of this window. I could also clearly see inside the ship through this window, but again, all I saw was green light inside, as if this vehicle were hollow.

At the bottom of this long hill, the highway takes a fairly sharp 90 degree turn to the north. When the vehicle got to this turn, it turned and followed the highway! I don't know why, but that really freaked me out, this thing was using the highway to navigate! That amazed me for some reason.

I also came to the bottom of the hill and the sharp turn to the north. Now all I could see was the green porthole on the end. It is at this point you start to come into Waterbury and there are bright streetlights lining the highway. I lost the vehicle in the glare of the streetlights.

When I got home, I told my wife and she believed me. She wanted me to call the police, but I thought they would just think I was a nutcase, so I didn't call. I read the paper and listened to the radio the next few days to see if anybody else reported this UFO, but nobody did.

So, that's it, not too spectacular except that this thing was so close to me. I do not believe this was a man-made craft or secret military vehicle for several reasons. The military would never fly a secret vehicle 20 feet over the trees at night in hilly countryside, right beside a major highway with lights on so everybody would see it.

I like you believe these crafts are real, but they are supernatural. I believe you could actually go up to one and touch it, I believe it would make noise if you hit one with a hammer, but I believe they are demonic, and intended to deceive people. I NEVER questioned WHAT I saw when I saw these vehicles, the great question in my mind was WHY did I see these things? I really believe the devil was especially trying to trick me, and doubt the Genesis story and how man got here. It did not work, and never will, I believe the Bible is perfectly accurate, I am a young Earth creationist that believes Adam and Eve really lived around 6000 years ago. But this is what I believe is the reason I saw these vehicles, to make me doubt God's word.


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These UFO sightings are not good for the mind. They make you question your sanity to a small degree. I have had nightmares because of these vehicles, where they are coming down around me to capture me. Very scary dreams that wake me up. Fortunately, I have not had one of these dreams in many years now. Again, the great question I will always have is WHY do I keep seeing these things? Are Christians supposed to see UFOs?

And the thing is, I have probably seen at least 7 or 8 UFOs since then, although these tended to be lights in the sky. The reason I believe they are UFOs is because how they moved in the sky. For instance, about 12 years ago I came out of my house just to look at the stars. I saw this one very bright star that was completely out of place, as I know the constellations and stars pretty good. As I was looking at this bright "star" I noticed it was very slowly descending. I could tell because there were wires from the streetlights in the view that I could use as a reference. This thing was definitely coming down VERY slowly. Then suddenly it made a very quick loop and shot off to the right and disappeared, like the letter "J". Imagine a clock, with this star object in the center, it shot to about 8 o'clock and followed the curve of the clock counter-clockwise until it got to about 3 o'clock and then just shot off at fantastic speed to the right and disappeared. I know of no man-made object that flies like this. But it was far away.

I have also had about four incidents where I was compelled to "look up" and when I did I saw a very bright object, much larger than any star. Sometimes it just streaked off, at other times it simply "turned off". What is interesting is that I suddenly get this impulse and thought to "look up", almost like a message, but in my own thoughts. Not like someone talking to me, but talking to myself.

So, these are my UFO stories. You have to be careful, because they make you begin to think you are "special", some kind of specially chosen person. They also tend to damage your credibility, if you tell folks, most of them look like they do not believe you. They must think I am either crazy, or crave attention, neither of which are true. I think my best friends and family believe me, I am actually a very boring, down-to-earth guy.

I guess I will just have to wait and ask the Lord why he allowed me to see these strange objects so many times when most folks NEVER see one their whole life. I don't know if I am fortunate, or unfortunate, they do take a toll on your mind, hard to describe. At the same time, I am always looking up, and sort of hoping to see one again. But you never see one when you expect it, they always catch you by surprise.

Tell me what you think of these stories. Later today I will tell you about the "invisible person" (that's what we called "her") that lived in our house and scared us for about 4 years. This story is even more amazing than my UFO stories, and quite detailed.

My (actually OUR) ghost experience started in July 1989 when my family moved from Florida where I grew up, to Connecticut where my wife grew up. At that time my oldest daughter was 13 years old (40 now) and her best friend was named M. M was a good girl that used to go to church with us every week in Florida.

When we moved, my daughter and M stayed in touch, calling each other every week. When school started, M made some new friends who were into witchcraft and the Ouija board. M began to tell my daughter that things around her were moving. My daughter would tell me these things, and I told her to tell M not to play with the occult, it is serious stuff.

Anyway, Christmas came and we invited M to visit us for the holiday. She had never seen a snowflake in her life. We picked her up at Bradley airport in Hartford, and it started snowing hard before we even got home. That night we got 15 inches of snow. M and my two oldest kids played out in the snow until they were almost frostbitten, I was happy for M.

During those two weeks, M continued to say things around her were moving, and then my daughter told me she thought things were moving too. This made me very angry and I scolded M. I told her I did not want to hear another word about this, and that she should never play with the occult again. She kept quiet and went home on New Years.

Well, time went by, but on occasion strange things would happen. My daughter's bedroom was in the basement. She would come up and complain that her younger sisters had thrown her clothes all over the room, but my wife insisted she had been with the kids the whole time. It was puzzling, but we just forgot about it, as these things did not happen often, maybe every six months.

Another time my daughter had one of her best friends over. They were lying on separate beds in my daughter's room girl talking, and watching lights from a "disco ball" I had bought my daughter for Christmas. Suddenly, the light slid violently across my daughter's dresser and slammed into the mirror overturning. Both girls rushed up very excited and told me what happened. I went down and saw the overturned light. Both girls insisted the light had moved all by itself, and I believed them, as my daughter was a very good girl. She was class Treasurer as a junior, and class President her senior year. So, my daughter is no goof, and neither was her friend, she is a licensed nurse today.

But again, time would go by and we would just forget. Then one night my daughter shook me awake. It must have been about 3AM. She was super excited and told me she had heard a loud noise in her room that woke her up. She sat up in bed to see what was making the noise. On her dresser she had a large crystal candleholder. This candleholder was vibrating wildly, and this is what was making the loud noise. Suddenly, the candlestick flew through the air right at my daughter, she said she thought it was going to hit her in the face, but it struck the top of her canopy bed, shot to the floor, and broke into many pieces. This was very strange as this was super-hard glass. You could have probably hit this candlestick with a baseball bat and it would not have broken, but it shattered into dozens of pieces. I went down and saw the glass all over her floor, and saw the mark where it struck her bed. She had no open windows, and we had no pets or pests of any kind. I carefully questioned my daughter, whether maybe the candlestick just fell off naturally and shattered, and that she dreamed the rest, but she insisted she was perfectly awake, that she observed the candlestick vibrating all by itself, and how it flew through the air, right at her. She was terrified, and refused to sleep in her room for months. She would only go into her room to get clothes, or things like that, but she slept on the couch upstairs.

Finally, we were starting to catch on that we had some sort of "invisible person" in our house, and it seemed to dislike my daughter especially. We all seemed to agree it was a girl or woman who was jealous of my daughter, who was VERY attractive. She looked a lot like that actress Christina Applegate.

If you saw my daughter at that age, you would have thought they were identical twins. they really looked amazingly alike.

Anyway, as time went by, more events started to happen, and they started to happen frequently. My wife was down in the basement doing laundry, when she felt a human hand on her back that began to tug at her dress. She said, "Stop it!" thinking it was one of the kids, but when she turned around, no one was there. About two days later, she felt the hands on her again, again pulling at her clothes, and rushed out of the basement. It was beginning to become a real problem now, none of us wanted to go down in the basement.

Finally, my oldest daughter was going down the stairs to her room holding her youngest sister (1-1/2 year old) on her hip. Suddenly she felt hands on her back trying to push her down the stairs. She had to cling on to the railing to keep from falling. My baby daughter was swinging her arms, as though she were fighting this invisible person. Finally, my daughter was able to fight her way up the stairs, but now the whole family was in an uproar, and wanted me to fix this problem. I had no idea what to do, and to be honest, I was just as frightened as everyone else, and hated to go down into the basement myself. This was truly a very uncomfortable and scary experience that you never want to go through.

Fortunately, our assistant Pastor lived on the next street. He was a very good and godly man, a true Christian. I went over to his house and explained our problem, and asked if he might come and pray that God take this thing out of our house. He did come over immediately and spoke with us. He said one thing that really upset me, he said this thing could not be in our house unless God allowed it. That upset me, why would God want a spirit or demon to possess a Christian's home?

Anyway, we did all hold hands and pray, and believe it or not, we did not have another incident, although we moved out of that house soon after. I have often wondered if the folks that live there now have had any problems. There is no way I would return to that house to find out.

Well, that's my "ghost" story. If was a very frightening experience I never want to live through again. It is not fun to have some supernatural person in your house, and there seems there is nothing you can do.

I can't help but believe this person came on the plane with M from Florida. I know that sounds strange, but that is what I think happened.