Vulnerable And Being Taken Advantage Of


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I have Dissociative Identity Disorder and oftentimes people try to take advantage of me because there are times where I simply cannot think for myself or decide or make a choice on my own. If a person tells me to go left I will do something not matter how ridiculous oftentimes I comply. It is easy for me during this times to be manipulated. For example: people try to take advantage of me such as either charging me too much money for something, or charging me for something I should not be paying for in the first place, trying to take away money from me as much as possible, even trying to extort me.

There are also incidents involving people, where a female who I know, told 2 foreign guys that I was married to her which is a lie, and told me to give one of them my cell phone number which I began to give him. Often guys try to get me to cheat hoping I take the bait, so I have to continually pray to prevent this type of situation from happening. Because I have and am being used in sexual programming it is very difficult for me to resist people, because I was groomed this way from a child. I am also a victim of human trafficking. People send people to me all the time with the whole purpose of making me sleep with that person, knowing that I am easily manipulated.

In my vulnerable states Jesus Christ have shown me attempts to set me up by making seemed like I committed a crime, where there is a lot of people, a lot of coordination going on to either take away in life, have me locked up in prison, or doing anything else to try and destroy me publicly completely. People tell lies about me often in an attempt to turn everyone humanly possible against me.

This entire situation is very stressful. I have to keep defending myself from accusations of people who hate me, who don't like me for whatever reason. I have to be careful also because people pose a threat to my life, threatening to attack me, kill me, bullying me, calling me names, mobbing me. Anything possible to destroy me and my life completely.
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