Was Ruth an Israelite?

Bob Dobbalina

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No. She was a Moabitess (sp.?). By marrying Boaz and following the Law of Moses, she became part of the commonwealth of Israel, but she still was a Moabitess. Not an Israelite.

Who cares, anyway?
Who posts on a topic they don’t care about?
What is the point of studying scripture?
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Bob Dobbalina

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I think post # 260 has called you a Mormon. Are you one?
I don’t really follow what you mean here.
Bonnie (post#260) apparently doesn’t care about anything here so I wouldn’t look to her to make sense of what is what.

ETA: No, I’m not Mormon.


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Who amongst you believes that YHWH buried Moses in the land that He forbade Israelites from entering?
Well....evidently everyone seems to agree with you that Yahweh would not bury Moses in "Moab" after forbidding Israel to enter that country.....but instead buried him in the "Land of Moab" that the Israelites had taken from Sihon in battle. This is the same "Land of Moab" that Israel held as territory for over 700 years and where the maiden, Ruth was born and raised as an Israelite.....and where Naomi and family had traveled to escape the famine in Judah [Ruth 1:1].

At least no one has offered a rebuttal.

When you get right down to it.......the thought of Yahweh doing something so silly just doesn't register anyway.