We're Baaack!


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It's not that difficult.
God says--- turn to God, from your sin, and place your trust in Jesus.

So, think in terms of a parent who calls your name, catching in you in the act of something they told you not to do.
You have a choice.....
You can either let go of what you were doing, and turn to your parent, and trust their word, of having something better for you, or you can remain stubborn about it, and receive the penalty of your actions.
That's still not not specific. You are still not describing exactly what you read nor how it showed you God is real.


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Could you place your trust in someone without having good evidence they exist?

According to your story, you didn't do that at all. So on what basis do you declare it to be easy?
It generally requires an introduction. Yet you've made it pretty clear you're not interested in meeting him, otherwise you would've already done what Jesus said.