Were the Israelites worshiping a "What" or were they worshiping a "Who"?

Nehemiah 9:3... And they stood up in their place, and read in the book of the law of the LORD their God one fourth part of the day; and another fourth part they confessed, and worshipped the LORD their God.

Trinitarians believe God is one "What", three "Who"s.

So using Trinitarian terms, were the Israelites worshiping a "What" or were they worshiping a "Who"?

And if you say a "Who", then which "Who"?

I believe they were worshiping the "Who" named Yahweh.


Here is a concise statement of what I believe...
The spirit Yahweh is the only one who is eternal. Yahweh is also in the universe as spirit and as a human. Yahweh in the universe as spirit is called the Spirit of God, Yahweh in the universe as a human is called the Son of God, and eternal Yahweh is called God the Father.

And here is a more detailed overview...
(Note: I agree with the view of Melito, Bishop of Sardis around AD 160-180. The following is how I word it.)
For this creation, Yahweh God (the only one who transcends all creations) determined to create a universe with a kingdom of redeemed humans (living souls) for his glory where he would reign as a living soul himself. The Scriptures describe how Yahweh would accomplish his plan. In an instant, transcendent Yahweh (called God the Father) created the supernatural and space-time of this universe and also became immanent as a spirit (called the Spirit of God) and in the form of a living soul (called the Son of God) with a glorious human body. God the Father then created all things within the universe by the power of the Spirit of God commanded by the Son of God. But whereas Yahweh created a human spirit and soul for each of us, Yahweh himself became the human spirit and soul of Jesus. At his conception, Jesus' glorious body was changed to a mortal body to be made like us so he could make reconciliation for our sins. At his resurrection, Jesus' mortal body was changed back to a glorious body and he will also give each of his elect a glorious body when he returns to reign in his kingdom forever.
Both, Yahweh, who is Spirit.

I agree that Yahweh is spirit.

But I believe people worship a "Who" rather than a "What".

Here is the beginning of the very next verse...

Nehemiah 9:7... Thou art the LORD the God...

IMO People say "thou" to a "Who".

But I am willing to agree to disagree.
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