What does it mean to "be saved"?

Gary Mac

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I'm a Sabbath keeper. So I cannot be a trinitarian (Sunday keeper).
Im a 24-7 keeper, He in me and I in Him are one. We cannot be seperated.
I have a God and His Son and THEIR Holy Spirit in me.
I have a Father who is God and I am His son. Same SPirit in me who was in Christ Jesus, in Abraham, in Moses, in Mary, in 120, and the same One who came to Jesus in Matt 3:16 and opend up who He is to that man as well as He does us all who will receieve Him. You cant be a son of God without the same from Him.

e v e

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And your god's name?

I'm going with 'man is dross''.?

How close am I?
what i posted last post is the ego man…how this world is… cold empty bored.

this video is in contrast…. is how eden is….
young hearts be free….escaping here…