What is Messianic Judaism

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We have no king but Caesar." well as said

I totally agree, but not according to any men that he keep a promise, but to His Word.
that's why God made unconditional Promises with Abraham and passed them to and made new ones as well, with Israel
regardless of what the Leadership or the Nation might do (often not good, granted)
those are on God and God alone to make happen, not Them
there is always a remnant of believers of Israel as well

Messiah on Earth is both a son of God (a direct creation of God)
and a son of Man (Adam) Luke 3:23-38
He wasn't prophesied to come from Mongolia
He's a Hebrew/Israelite/Jew
the promise of a Human Savior was made to Adam first
in an unconditional covenant that replaced a broken by Man conditional one Genesis 3
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