Where I got the information of " Dream Of God "


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Dear readers, for A long time people have ask me where I got the infromation everywhere have they asked me. Going to reveals sometimes ago I found this.



From this man back in 2008 back then I didn't look at it and when I made the cartoon I based it on this but ddin't look at it. I thought he got information from the bible. Later on I realized people talk about it and hard to say didn't do enough research on it that's why I dedicate myself to make A lot revision but didn't take of the cartoon anyway realzie it was an error.

I apolgize to you all for A mistake should of search thouroughly for information but thought he got from the bible. A mistake I apologize for know the G-d might have A dream but not written in the bible. An Apology to you all let it continue for A year and half the cartoon becuase people liked it and perhaps there is A dream of God but still will adherently stick to the bible and it is te fountain of all truth.

Know I do double revision and triple and this will not stop me will contiue to make cartoons and make them for the glory of G-d. I ask forgiveness to God already.