Who is the rat at mara lago?


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It had not yet been built, so it could not have been shut down.
Portions of it had already been built. According to NPR: "TC Energy had begun construction on the pipeline last year and said about 300 miles of the $8 billion project had been built. It would have carried oil from landlocked Alberta to the U.S. Gulf Coast".

The oil will flow even with no pipeline. It will be transported by rail and tanker trucks, the most unsafe and most polluting forms of transportation. Along with that, the cancellation eliminated high paying Union jobs. I hope you are happy now.


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Are you unaware that Trump began the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and Biden had no real options but to continue that process, or else re-escalate.
No, he did not need to escalate. Trumps plan was to leave about 2500 troops plus airpower to back up the Afghan government forces, and all NATO members agreed that it was a good plan. Biden just skedaddled and left millions of dollars of military equipment for the Taliban andhis bumbling got 13 U.S. service people killed. Most people were not surprised because as the former Sec. of Defense Bill Gates said Biden has been wrong of foreign policy issues his whole career. On the Bin Laden raid, Biden was the only senior Obama official who said not to do it.


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So you think that someone who sees illegal behavior that jeopardizes the safety of the USA and reports it should be tarred by calling them a rat?

I think they should be praised as a patriot.
No one knows what was there yet. You’re jumping the gun, as usual.
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