Why does Iran hate Israel


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Of course it isn’t the bulk of the Iranian people who are haters of anybody but those who have the governing power who are the Shi-ite Islamic Mullahs, led by the Supreme Mullah, Ayatollah Khomeini. These who are known as ‘Twelver’s’ – that is, they believe the hidden Twelfth Imam will appear in the end times of this age.
But shockingly, they believe they are obliged to destroy Jewish Israel before this Imam can appear and it doesn’t worry them if millions of their own people die to achieve this.

The religion of Islam was founded by Mohammed when he received inspiration from a supernatural being he thought was the angel Gabriel. But it is easy to discern from reading the Koran and the actions of those who follow the Moslem belief, that Satan is their motivator and is their god: Allah.
Therefore, the Iranian threats and active actions to achieve their objective of ‘wiping Israel off the map’ are a real and serious threat to peace in the Middle East and to the world.

Bible Prophecy tells us that Elam, Media, Persia - all now Iran - WILL attempt to destroy Israel. Their nuclear weapons development and missile programme, is just for that purpose. However, the Bible Prophets say when they do commence their attack, the Lord will intervene and cause their weapons to recoil upon themselves. Joel 3:4, Psalms 7:12-16
This dramatic intervention by God into this world will be by a natural event, so as those atheists who survive this disaster can continue in their disbelief of God. They will follow another satanically inspired leader, as Prophesied in Revelation 13 and Daniel 7:23-24

Friends, WE are the generation who will see it all come to pass as Prophesied. The world is at the edge of massive and dramatic change, to a similar extent as what happened in the days of Noah.

It is clear that the time for this is near, but Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 5:3 that this sudden destruction will come at a time when they are saying: “All is peaceful, all secure.
So, first there must come a manmade inspired solution to this current crisis, as well as the fulfilment of Isaiah 3:1-7, where the leaders of the Jewish State of Israel will be either killed or incapacitated first, presenting Iran with their best opportunity to take action.

Wait for the Day! Zephaniah 3:6
According to what has been reported in foreign media so far, Israel carried out a relatively small strike near Isfahan's airport on Thursday night in retaliation to the Iranian attack from the weekend. This was the site where some of the Iranian ballistic missiles were launched against Israel in the barrage on Saturday night. So far, Israel has yet to officially confirm it was behind the overnight operation.

The limited scope of the attack and Israel's non-acknowledgment of responsibility have allowed the Iranians to tell their people and the world that this was nothing.

And this seems good for everyone. The silence is in line with the public statements of the member of the War Cabinet and the person who has a significant influence on Netanyahu, Minister Aryeh Deri: "It is impossible to be against the whole world – we need to restrain ourselves and be patient. Our enemies are seeking to have us face a multi-theatre war, we must not give them that."

In other words, the purpose of the Israeli operation (according to foreign sources) was not to deprive Iran of any military capability, but only to convey the message that "we can harm you on your territory." By doing so, Israel wants to signal its intention to end the cycle created by the assassination incident in Damascus, where an Iranian general and other officials were allegedly taken out by Israel.

Supreme Leader Khamenei defined the assassination in the Iranian "consulate" in Damascus as "an attack on Iranian sovereign soil." In his view, this was the justification for the largest-ever missile and drone attack carried out against Israel on Saturday night. Israel, in what is seemingly attributed to it as a response, "went along" with his narrative. In other words, Israel is telling the ayatollahs, "We understand that this is how you interpret the elimination of the general in Damascus, nevertheless, we cannot but react to what you did. So here is a symbolic response, and let's go back to the status quo that existed before where we do not overtly attack you, and you do not overtly attack us." This limited approach also gives Israel brownie points in the West, which had called on Israel to respond in a restrained manner.

Will this put an end to the direct confrontation with Iran, and will we return to fighting "only" against its proxies? The ball is in Iran's court. There is reason to believe that Khamenei, given his age and condition as mentioned, will seek additional reasons to directly harm Israel, but time will tell. What is certain: Israel must quickly build a strong, long-range, accurate, and lethal missile force to deter Iran, as the wisest of statesmen, Yuval Steinitz, once proposed.

It is impossible and pointless to send Israeli Air Force planes to Tehran every other day. That's what missiles are for in this world. Because what is certain is that even if this round is closed, in the long run, as long as Khamenei is alive, a direct and extensive confrontation with Iran is only a matter of time.

Israel Hayom: 21 April 2024