Why I can't reconcile preterism with the Bible.


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There MUST be, for the AOD to occur in.

No, it didn't. Such an event woulda been well-documented.

And it came in the form of the "days of vengeance". That was NOT "the end", and, of course, jesus didn't then return.

I don't.

COMMON SENSE, since they're all dead, & Jesus hasn't yet returned. But He said even those who pierced Him would see His return.

Roby's theological house of cards...


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I don't have to... It's all conjecture... Your guess is no better than anyone else's...

Tell me why are there 2000+ years between week 69 and 70? Where in the NT is the so-called third Temple? Oh yes, conjecture...
In other words, you CAN'T prove me wrong. And you can't show us from history that the eschatological events have already occurred.