Why JWs may not be listening to your teachings


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I am a Christian who loves to study the Bible. Last year a JW came knocking on my door - we'll call her Susan. This turned into a weekly study. I noticed that whenever we ran across a verse that didn't agree with her views, she'd skip to another verse without giving me time to consider the verse carefully. In fact, she'd bombard me with verses that, when I looked them up, had nothing to do with the topic. Also, whenever I tried to explain my view, she'd interrupt me to give me her view. This went on for the entire year.

Recently, we were studying whether everyone is resurrected and judged, which is my view, or whether only some people are resurrected, but really bad people go straight to destruction without having a resurrection and having to answer to Jesus for their actions, which was her view.

In order to prevent Susan from interrupting me and taking me to many other verses that had nothing to do with the topic at hand, I prepared a document that described my view and included the relevant verses. She called and I began to read my document, which I had sent her a few minutes earlier. Within a few seconds, she intrruped me to give me her view. I chastised her for is and told her that she always did that in all our calls. For a year, she's interrupted me whenever I try to talk about what I believe in. I point to a verse and it's as if she doesn't see it or understand it.

Here's what I was missing in this call. I wasn't paying any attention to the price Susan would have to pay if she believed me. I know that my view is right. If I can prove it to Susan, then she'll know that JW's are wrong about the Bible. If a JW finds out that she believes anything different than what the JW's believe, she could be disfellowshipped. If that happens, she could lose her family and her entire social network.

During the discussion of the document, suddenly Susan changed the subject from who will be resurrected to why she loves being a JW. They all love one another, and meet together, and follow Jehovah. The try to be good, don't salute the flag, etc. It was almost like by my asking her to look at the truth, I was challenging her relationship with the entire JW organization.

Do you have any advice on how to teach JWs what the Bible really teaches?


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It's hard, VERY hard. JWs/Watchtowerites are most definitely a 'programmed' people. In fact, they're not just programmed' -- it is not an over-statement to say that a JW is a controlled thrall of the WTS. And one big reason for that is what you wrote about "the price" that a JW very much risks in terms of relationships. f they are disfellowshipped, they will likely be cut off from family and friends. You are correct. If you read my post on The Circle And JW's, I mention this.

Regarding your statement, "It was almost like by my asking her to look at the truth, I was challenging her relationship with the entire organization": It is not "almost like" - That is exactly what you were/are doing. And she simply cannot handle that due to "the price" she will pay.

If you are wondering at this point, "Will a JW stay a JW, even if they don't believe what the WTS says? Will they just keep silent for the sake of not losing relationships?"

Answer: YES. I personally knew a JW years ago who did just that.

Here are some very, very common behaviors that JW's do, when confronted with the truth of what the (real) Bible says:
* They will ignore the truth that Christians point to.
* They will attempt to deflect from the original verse you ask them to look at by interrupting and running away to other verses or by changing the subject.
* They will flat out lie, and say that they have answered your question or dealt with your verse when the reality and truth is they have not.
* They will pretend that you have not answered their questions or dealt with the verses they appeal to when you do so.
* Along with the above - When you don't fall for the ploy of sidetracking by not running away to other verses and want to stay on point, they will say something like, "Well, you haven't dealt with what I've said" (implication - "Therefore, I've won this debate."). Never mind that they haven't honestly dealt with what YOU'VE said first - They only have eyes for their own.

These are some of the things JWs engage in. It is called, 'theocratic warfare'. And yes - They do indeed believe this is morally/ethically okay. The WTS says/teaches that it is okay to do this, in order "to protect the faith" and "to further the mission of winning souls to Jehovah". And so, good, programmed JW thralls will accept and practice it.