wof and colonizing Mars


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I don't want to miss what's happening here. There are some big time changes ahead. "In one day and in one hour." Imagine losing a trillion dollars in a single hour.


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I was just imagining a trillion dollars... that little guy is me thinking about it. 😮
Pick a number. Let's say a million. Some people have this in their 401K at retirement. If you only have a quarter million, then start there an multiply by 4. Or 100K. Start and multiply by 10 first.

At a million we have a lot. This is almost too much for most to think of anyway.

Take that enormous amount of money, like a pile of it such as you pictured. Now you need 1,000 more of these just to get to a billion.

Then you need 1,000 more of all of that to get to a trillion.

Better, take that million that is so hard to imagine and you need a million more of those to get to a trillion.

A million millions. Wow.

Go another step. Take that trillion and multiply it by another trillion. And multiply that by 20.
That's how many molecules you have in your body. 🤯

Well, the average guy. You and I seem to have quite a bit more. 😂


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Four civilians orbiting earth. 👍

Could be Ted.


Not sure what happened to three or five.

But we repent ..... only four!!!

Oh ..... what is that ......

We lost three and five ...... because four is a monster; .... gobbling up three ..... and looking to kill five.

OK ...... this makes perfect sense now.

How much wood could a wood chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood.

Quite the conundrum.

OK ...... if a wood chuck could chuck wood .....

Errr ....

I mean can he ..... or maybe not?

And if he could would he even want to a wood chucker.
Maybe he was a wood chucker before .... and got tired of it?

OK ...... maybe not.

Maybe he likes wood chucking ...... all along and is still into it.

ok .... that can't be it ........

Because ......


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They got a robot for that part... it's all AI controlled. Seriously.

Watched that on TV.

I was wondering how that worked out,

Time lapse control and stuff.

Anyway ..... they explained; the robot moves at a snails pace.

Like an inch or a so a day. (probably got that wrong .. but I'm used to it)

And the robot is not big, like we saw with the Apollo missions. (and on TV)

But rather smallish.